Dive sites Carabao

Dive sites Carabao

Discover all the dive sites Carabao has to offer. Should you be a freshly certified Open Water diver, an experienced diver with hundreds of dives or an underwater photographer, you will always find a dive site around Carabao to suit your needs and expectations.

If you want to discover SCUBA diving, Carabao offers some great and easy dive sites for you.

There is dive sites all around the island and depending on the season and weather conditions we chose to dive one side or the other. From December to June, we dive on the west side, which is where we are located and we have access to all the dive sites in Lanas, on the north and of course we have access to our house reef for day time and night dives. From July to November, we dive on the east side of Carabao and we have access to all the dive sites in the area of Poblacion and to the north.

Carabao is small enough to always have a side protected from the wind though big enough to offer a good variety of dive sites, so you are welcome all year round.

House reef

Level: From non certified and beginners for House reef 1 & 2 to advanced and experienced divers for House reef 3.

Vibrations dive center is located in a big bay protected by cliffs on both sides providing a perfect house reef with easy conditions. The bay is big enough to give us 3 totally different dive sites.

House reef 1
barrel sponge on the house reef at vibrations dive center, carabao, philippines.
Barrel sponge

We start on shallow sandy bottom with a few boulders to go progressively to a beautiful and healthy reef down to 20 meters. Perfect for beginners, training dives or macro photographers. Here you will find all the reef fish like clown fish, sergeant major, moorish idol, anthias, moray eel, etc. You will also find a very interesting macro life with shrimps, crabs, big variety of nudibranchs, squat lobster but also pigmy squids and ghost pipefish can be spotted here.

House reef 2
Table coral on the house reef of vibrations dive center carabao philippines.
Table coral

The reef here is between 7 to 15 meters and is mostly made of hard coral. At 16 to 18 meters you will find a sandy slope going down to 40+ meters, interesting for macro critters hidden on the soft coral growing on the slope.
The shallow part is perfect for all levels of training.
Lot of nudibranchs, robust ghost pipefish and even pygmy seahorses have been spotted here.

House reef 3
Frogfish on the house reef dive site of carabao philippines.

This part needs a bit more swimming and is for more experienced divers as the current can strike and the dive site is deeper.
We start on shallow wall and from there cross to a pinnacle that goes from 14 meters all the way down on a slope to 40 meters.
Turtles are often spotted here and a school of snappers is resident. It is also a good place for frogfish and stingrays can sometimes be found on the sandy bottom.

The Peanut

Level: beginner to experienced diver

Coral reef of carabao island, vibrations dive center, Philippines.
Healthy reef
Nudibranch in Carabao island with Vibrations dive center, Philippines.
Hypselodoris apolegma

Only a few minutes ride from Vibrations dive center, this dive site offers a very interesting topography and great marine life of Carabao.
We start on a shallow hard coral reef going slowly down to 15 meters. You will see beautiful barrel sponges on the way and after a few minutes we will reach a couple of underwater hills, having the shape of… a peanut! Or a camel back, or just hills :). We can go down here to 25+ meters, and enjoy those pinnacles covered by life. If the current allows, we will turn after the second hill and head back to the starting point but this time following a shallow wall. If the current is too strong, we just continue the dive on the reef.
Here we can spot turtles (there is a couple resident), sting rays, frogfish, snappers, critters for macro lovers like nudibranchs, orang-utan crabs and more. Manta rays have already been spotted here too! Let’s see if you are lucky.

West wall

Level: beginner to experienced diver.
Current can be strong on spring tides.

West wall dive site in Carabao island, Vibrations dive center.
Barrel sponge on the wall

Only 5 minutes boat ride from Vibrations dive center and located between Cathedral Cave and Kuding-Kuding cliff jumping you will find this beautiful bay that provides us with this incredible dive site.
At around 6 meters deep you will find a field of impressive table coral, then follow the sloppy reef until finding a beautiful vertical wall going down to 40 meters.
Lot of macro life and nudibranchs on the wall. Sometimes a turtle and tunas pass by. Open your eyes and don’t forget to have a look in the blue behind you from time to time.

Lanas garden

Level: beginner to experienced diver.
Current can be strong on spring tides.

Reef diving in Lanas, Carabao with vibrations dive center.
Healthy reef of Lanas

Lanas is less than 10 minutes boat ride from Vibrations and offers really interesting diving. This first dive site of the Lanas area is a huge coral garden. Starting around 5 meters, going down to 20 meters, you will enjoy a very healthy reef here.
The current can be pushy sometimes, so just enjoy the ride as you glide along the reef.
The shallow area is home of some beautiful soft coral. Perfect if you like coral and healthy reef. Easy dive on a slope that will suit every diver.

Black buoy

Level: beginner to experienced diver.
Current can be strong on spring tides.

Arch dive site carabao island, vibrations dive center, Philippines.
Arch in black buoy – Carabao

Very interesting dive site with changing topography. We start with an other great soft coral garden before heading to a small and shallow pinnacle. We then cross a sandy patch covered by chocolate chips sea stars – macro lovers will like to go slow on that section as nice critters like robust ghost pipefish can be spotted here.
The next part offers real beauty on a ridge covered by coral going down to 25 meters where it is worth it open your eyes for giant frogfish in the reef and tunas swimming in the blue. After this section we will reach a rock formation about 18 meters deep looking like an arch. Enjoy going through if you master your buoyancy. According to your air consumption at this point, the dive goes on on a wall or on the coral garden on top.
Amazing dive site with always something new.

Lanas wall

Level: beginner to experienced diver.
Current can be strong on spring tides.

Reef diving Carabao with vibrations dive center, Philippines.
Reef of Carabao

Beautiful wall located in Lanas area going down to 25+ meters before reaching a sandy bottom slope. Shrimps, crabs nudibranchs and frogfish can be found on this wall. Go slow here and check every crack on the wall. Don’t forget an eye on the blue, turtles and eagle rays can be spotted here.
When the wall stops, a sloppy reef begins and we can carry on the dive.
The top part is made of a soft coral garden and boulders where you can observe all the typical reef fish and maybe find a few lobsters. This shallow area is perfect for beginners and for the end of the dive, enjoying a safety stop full of life.

Cathedral cave

Level: Advanced to experienced divers.

Barracudas in Carabao island Philippines dive site.
School of barracudas at Cathedral cave dive site
Barrel sponge on a dive site in Carabao Philippines.
Barrel sponge on the wall
Soft coral garden in Carabao island, Philippines.
Soft coral garden

This dive site is probably one of the best around Carabao. There is not time to be bored here, as you will find very different sceneries and a lot of marine life during this dive.

We start on a plateau, around 10 meters deep going slowly down. During this first part covered by boulders you can find yourself face to face with a school of barracudas living around here or one of our hawksbill turtles.

Then starts the wall at around 14 meters deep and we will follow it all the way to the main attraction of this dive site: the cave. The top of this huge cave is around 20m and the bottom at 35m, only experienced divers will be able to see it but it is really worth it! Big sea fans and lot of shrimps can be found inside and when you look to the outside it is a magical sight. When visibility is very good, it is amazing to have a look at the bottom going down to… well we haven’t been there yet.
After the cave we continue the dive on the wall, big sea fans here with chance for pigmy seahorse, then the wall and the shallow part get covered by soft coral. One of the most beautiful we have seen so far, it is wonderful if you like soft coral gardens 🙂

You got it, we really like this dive site. Current can be strong on the first part of the dive and it is better if you can reach the cave, therefore we recommend this dive site for advanced and more experienced divers. However, open water divers with a bit of experience can also have a really good time here.

Come and try it!

Poblacion garden

Level: From Open water divers to experienced divers

Vibrations dive center carabao island diving Philippines.
Coral garden in San Jose, Carabao

Just in front of the main town San Jose extends this beautiful coral reef, starting at 13 meters and going down on a gentle slope to a depth of 23 meters.
It is a great place to observe healthy coral reef and a lot of macro life like pipefishes, nudibranchs and shrimps amongst other. You will also find all the typical coral reef fish here (snappers, parrot fish, clown fish, trigger fish, lion fish and more). On some days dogtooth tunas can be spotted passing by and cuttlefish wandering on the reef.

The Slide

Level: beginner to experienced divers

Diving Carabao Philippines Vibrations dive center.
The cute hairy squat lobster

Only two minutes away from Poblacion Garden dive site you will encounter this other amazing reef like you find around Carabao.
Reaching a depth of 30 mts, the coral reef ends in a gentle sandy slope creating an amazing view. You will enjoy the healthy coral, the topography and the marine life (like cuttlefish and macro life) in this spot.
At the top of the reef, looking towards the deep, we can find a great barrel sponge, home of the so cute hairy squat lobster.

Vibrations is always on the look for new dive sites and interesting places to discover. We already have a few that are not on the list yet, because we want to dive them more and more first. Keep in touch for new discoveries!

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