Diving Carabao Island – Philippines

You are planning a diving trip in the Philippines and you wonder if it is worth it to dive Carabao? The answer is yes, definitely! And Vibrations is your best option. Our guests love it, look at what they say on Tripadvisor.

Diving Carabao, the best experience

At Vibrations we dive, that’s our purpose, and we bring you diving Carabao Island. Lot of wonders can be found in Romblon, Carabao is one of them. It is a gem, an untouched paradise that we truly love and our goal is to make you discover our world. We specialise in the underwater world and that’s where we are best, but we will also give you the best tips for the above water world and we will be happy to bring you around when not diving. You can find a lot of information in our page about Carabao activities.

How is the diving around Carabao?

If you decide to join us and dive Carabao, you might be truly surprised by the beauty of some dive sites.  When it comes about diving in the Philippines, few places are still that preserved, with such a healthy reef. The underwater landscape is also very interesting as you will find easy and gentle slopes, shallow and deep walls and caves to explore, all full of marine life. Our special is the night dive in our very private house reef. Unusual encounters guaranteed. If you want to know exactly what is the diving like in Carabao, check the page about our dive sites.

Planning to visit Carabao but you don’t know how to dive?

Don’t worry, that’s our job. We teach you how to dive (we offer the full range of PADI courses up to Divemaster), we help you improve your skills, we guide you, we show you the underwater wonders of this beautiful island, we share knowledge, we listen to you and try to comply with your needs (as long as they are diving related).

Here you will find a list of our services.

If you think about anything that is not in the list, please contact us. You can also check out our packages for your Carabao diving trip.

If you have any special need, please tell us and together we will do our best to find a solution that suits you best.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving

Take your first breath underwater and experience the joy of scuba diving around Carabao Island.

PADI DSD Discover Scuba Diving Carabao Philippines

PADI Courses

You want to become a certified diver or go further in your underwater journey?

PADI Open Water Course, Diving Carabao Island Philippines

Fun Dives

Already a certified diver and you want to explore the beauty of Carabao’s waters?

Diving Carabao Philippines-Mantis Shrimp

Vibrations welcomes everyone from 8 years old as long as your physical condition allows you to dive.

Find here the PADI medical statement required for every course.
Should you have any doubt, please refer to your medic.