Romblon and Sibuyan Islands

Romblon and Sibuyan Itineraries

Romblon Island

Let’s start with this little confusing matter first: the main province is called Romblon and one of the main island that constitute the province, is also called Romblon, that’s why it is referred as Romblon, Romblon.

So if you want to go straight to Romblon Island in the Romblon province, look for Romblon, Romblon destination. For more information about how to get there, read our page Romblon Province.

Romblon map
Romblon map

When planning your itinerary, take into consideration that, as beautiful and full of attractions as it can be, it takes a bit of planning and time to access Romblon Island. There are ferries going straight from Batangas, and from Romblon to Batangas. Romblon Island could be the start of your journey before you continue going south, or the other way around starting south in Carabao Island, and finishing in Romblon Island, whatever fits better to your plan.

What to do in Romblon?


If you are planning a diving holidays, you must considerate Romblon in your itinerary, you will find amazing diving around the island. Unlike in Tablas, there are a few dive centers to bring you explore the seabed.

Macro fans will love this. Romblon Island holds an amazing variety of macro critters at the standards of the famous Anilao! Yes, we are not kidding. So make sure you reserve some time to try the dive here.

Should you be a skilled photographer looking for some macro shots or a “nudi fan”, you will not be disappointed. Indeed, Romblon Island is the place where you can observe the holy grail of all nudibranch: Melibe Colemani, better known as the Ghost Nudibranch.

If you want to start your diving experience, or you feel more like bigger marine life and turtles, we recommend you to start in Carabao, where the conditions, coral reefs and marine life are perfect to get your skills in shape.

If you are already a skilled diver, you can also visit us in Carabao for some amazing dives. Check our Gallery and decide by yourself. We assure you the best service quality and safety standards, all focused on you having a great time. Get to know us and our dive center better, what we do and how we do it, and enjoy of a different way of experiencing our beloved sport!

You will not regret it, and hopefully you will share the information with divers around the world.

Enjoy some of the best beaches in the Philippines
Bonbon (Bon Bon) beach

This secluded paradise beach is located only 3km from the main town. You can’t leave Romblon Island without visiting this long white sand beach. The crystal clear water is not the main attraction here, but the sandbar that divides the sea between Romblon Island and the coral formation of Bangug islet, making currents and colour different on each side of this low slope.

During high tide the water reaches your waist, but when the tides goes down the spectacle begins! You are even able to cross to Bangug Island just walking.

This spectacular sandbar is the most beautiful and popular beach in the island.

Bon Bon Beach
Bon Bon Beach
(photo from
Tiamban beach

Tiamban beach is one of the favorite beaches of the local community. Located in between Bonbon beach and Nunok beach, it is surrounded by big rock boundaries on both sides. 

The turquoise water invites you to go for a swim and the palm trees provide the perfect shade for an afternoon of pure relaxation.

Tiamban Beach
Tiamban Beach
(photo by The Shoestring Diaries)

The entire island is surrounded by paradise white sand beaches, just go around and pick up your favorite to chill on.

Immerse yourself in the Philippines History
San Andres Fort in Romblon
San Andres Fort, Romblon
(photo by

Take an afternoon to discover the old Spanish edification from the colonial period.
You can visit the fort San Andrés, built to protect the city against the muslim pirates in the old time.
Nowadays, you will not find pirates anymore but this edification will take you back in history and provide a great view point from where you can overlook the sunset.
Check out the ancestral town, the old San José Cathedral, and the two Spanish bridges still standing.

Romblon Marble Shopping Center

Time for souvenirs! Romblon is famous for the mineral resources of marble. It is the second biggest producer of marble in the country, so you guess it right, the best place to get a beautiful souvenir at a good price.

Here you will be able to get all different types of products, carved in marble by a local hand. Take a look 😉 maybe you find something you don’t want to leave behind.

Marble Shopping Center in Romblon
Romblon marble shopping center
(photo by

How to move around Romblon Island?

The easiest way is to rent a motorbike for ₱500 in the main town, you can also use a habal-habal (local way to call the moto-taxi) for a cheap price to move around, or for a tour around all the places we mentioned before, and more.

Sibuyan Island

Sibuyan Island is the most difficult island to reach in the entire Romblon province. We recommend you to visit it if you have enough days, love trekking and adventures in nature. Covered on a 75% by rain forest, this island is called the “Galápagos of Asia”.

How to get to Sibuyan Island

There is only one daily boat from Romblon town going to Sibuyan. It usually leaves early morning but the time schedule can change, so you will have to spend some time asking around to get the exact information.
We warned you, that it is not an easy task 😉 but it is totally worth it if you have enough time. For the way back, there is one boat early morning as well, going from Sibuyan back to Romblon.

What to do in Sibuyan Island?

If you are a climbing junky, then look for Mt. Guiting-Guiting. A medium two days climb, 2048mts above sea level. You will encounter amazing views, experience camping in the mountain and be rewarded with fantastic sunset and sunrise. Remember to pack your camping set and a jacket for the evening.

Visit Cresta de Gallo. Take a boat to this small island and enjoy a relax day on the beach while you observe the tides movement to reveal (or hide) a beautiful sandbar.

Make a stop at Catingas river, the cleanest river in the Philippines. What you decide to do here is up to you: play, swim or just enjoy the view. There is also 34 different waterfalls to visit, everything depends on the time you have.


Useful facts

Things you need to know before starting your holidays around Romblon and Sibuyan Islands.

WiFi and Internet:

Keep your Smart chip in the phone, you will get better reception to tell the world how much you are enjoying paradise.

What to pack:

Mask and fins will be a great thing to bring with you.

If you are planning a diving trip, don’t forget your certification card, you will need it to prove that you are a certified diver (if you do your certification with us you will receive your temporary card printed, that way you will be able to prove your new diving certification!).

Camera, and, if you have a camera case or water resistant camera then bring it, you will love to brag about your encounters underwater back home 😉

Patience, kindness, a big smile and a sense of adventure.

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