Romblon Province

Discover the Romblon Province

Romblon is an archipelagic province in the Mimaropa region of the Philippines, composed of three main islands (Tablas, Romblon and Sibuyan) and 17 smaller ones (one of them is our beautiful home, Carabao Island).

Less known as a touristic destination, this province possesses beautiful natural resources to discover: from white sand beaches and view points that compete with the beauty of El Nido to the best adventure points in the Philippines. Suitable for those who are ready to go further, live adventures and enjoy the quietness of an untouched land.

Travel guide to Romblon

Romblon is not part of the typical touristique route but we can assure you that it will be worth it.

There are different entry points, depending where you want to start your journey around Romblon.

How to get to Romblon
From Caticlan to Carabao Island

This is probably the easiest and fastest in and out point to the province. There are direct flights from both Manila and Cebu airports to Caticlan Godofredo P. Ramos airport. Caticlan is only 1 hour away from Carabao Island, which is the first of the many islands that constitute Romblon, and a beautiful destination by itself.

Read all the details about how to get to Carabao in our page About Carabao and find out what activities you will enjoy. If you are around, pay us a visit at Vibrations Dive Center to say hello, consult us for any information or give us the chance to show you what we love to do, DIVING!

Carabao is a great and relax Island, a perfect point either as your only destination or as a visit in your itinerary through Romblon.

From Batangas to Tablas and Romblon

If you are in Manila, getting to Batangas won’t be a problem. You can take a bus from Cubao Bus terminal, Manila going to Batangas. You can refer to PH bus Travel to find itineraries and prices for bus and ferries (useful for any trip around the Philippines). Look for Jam Bus it will take you straight to the port of Batangas for a fair price.

An other option is to charter a van with Anis Transport. Ask for a driver and they will pick you up any place in Manila and drive you straight to Batangas.

Romblon Odiongan ferry

Once in Batangas port you will have different ferries options from where to choose, most going from Batangas port to Odiongan port, Tablas. Let us make your search easier:

      • 2go Ferry: There is three trips a week. Going every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10:00 am. It takes 5 hours to arrive to Odiongan port in Tablas. Please refer to 2go ferry for more precise information, prices and reservations.
      • Montenegro Ferry: There is one trip Batangas-Odiogan scheduled every day at 5:00 pm. You can check the price and schedule on PH bus Travel website.
        Montenegro also goes from Batangas to Romblon Island in the Romblon province (Romblon, Romblon). If your schedule allows, this could be a fantastic start for your itinerary around Romblon, the whole province we mean 😉 Be aware this trip is available only three days a week. Please refer to PH bus Travel.

Flying to Romblon Airport in Tablas

The province of Romblon has one small airport, located in Tugdan city, Tablas Island. There is direct flights from Manila to Tablas. If you are located in Cebu and want to fly to Tablas, you will need to connect through Manila (CEB-MAN-TBH), in this case our recommendation is to fly to Caticlan, it will be cheaper and more comfortable.

Book your flight with Cebu Pacific, they are the only one offering the itinerary Manila-Tablas.

To go south and cross to Carabao Island, you need to take a one hour trip jeepney going to Santa Fe. However, if time is sufficient, you can plan a few days to see this beautiful island that is Tablas.

Romblon’s main attractions

Marble handcraft in Romblon
Marble handcraft of the Romblon province

This magnificent province is known for its mineral resources. It is the second biggest producers of marble in the country, next to Bulacan. You will find high quality products coming in different shades of white, pink, green, red and black.

Wander around the markets and chose an original souvenir to bring back with you.

Romblon also counts with a topography that gives place to a lot of natural wonders. From beautiful white sand beaches to cliffs with amazing view point and mountains for trekking or hiking. It is also the home of the only blue hole across the Philippines, caves to discover, rain forest with endemic species and the cleanest river in the country.
Surprisingly and fortunately for us (and for you), this complete natural paradise is still preserved from tourism.

Bonbon beach, Romblon Island
(photo by
Barrel Sponge on Carabao’s reef

Luckily for us, and for any diver, the wonders and beauty of Romblon doesn’t stop on land. Each island, surrounded with coral reef, offers a huge variety of marine life suitable for divers and snorkelers of all levels.

Underwater, you will encounter deep and shallow walls, slopes, pinnacles and caves that will fascinate you. Suitable for macro and pelagic lovers.

Vibrations Dive Center focuses the diving around Carabao Island, if you want to know more about our dive sites, the underwater topography and the life that you can encounter, please read our section Fun Dives.
If you are not yet certified but can’t wait to learn how to dive and get the chance to continue your Romblon holidays exploring more of the amazing reefscapes this area has to offer, check our PADI courses information. Carabao Island offers the perfect conditions for your first steps underwater.

Don’t hesitate to contact us about anything you need, we are happy to help you!

Continue reading about the islands that constitute Romblon, to get more information about Carabao, Tablas, Romblon and Sibuyan and start planing your itinerary.

Discover amazing sites, enjoy the silence of nature,
disconnect from reality to live the real holidays experience,
what else can you ask for a perfect journey?

Let yourself have the holidays you dream of.

Discover Romblon.

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