Tablas Island

Visit Tablas Island, Romblon

Tablas is the biggest island of the Romblon province. A paradise for adventurers and peace lovers, that offers white sand beaches, great island hopping tours, waterfalls and more to discover. A great destination for those looking for a quiet, less touristic and full of nature alternative in the Philippines.

Tablas is located only one hour by banka (traditional filippino boat) from Carabao Island. It can be a starting, middle or finishing destination if you are planning to discover Romblon during your holidays. It is reachable by sea and by sky, you can read more about how to get here in our page about the Romblon province. If you prefer a different itinerary, you can visit Carabao Island, then discover Tablas and continue towards Romblon to finish your amazing experience and get some beautiful marble souvenirs.

We will try to give you the most complete information for you to plan your trip in the way that best suits your desires, but if you need any help, contact us and we will do our best to help you.

What to do in Tablas Island?

Tablas is a big island with a lot to offer. For those who are not lucky enough to have a long holidays, here are some of the must visit, or do tours.

Calatrava Island Hopping Tour

When you think Island Hopping and the Philippines, probably your mind probably goes straight to El Nido or Palawan. But in the north of Tablas there is one island hopping tour that will blow your mind the same way. The Calatrava island hopping tour takes you to incredible places around the north of this magnificent island.

One tour to show you all! Definitely a must do in your Tablas journey. The good news is that nothing is too far away. From Odiongan you can rent a motorbike for ₱500 a day, or take a jeepney on the main road. Getting to Calatrava takes around 1h, but if you want (and we recommend) you can cut your drive time stopping at Binucot Beach, 35 minutes drive from Odiongan. Find the route in Google maps and drive into the adventure

Binucot Beach

A beautiful cove with view point hills on both sides. It is half way to Calatrava from Odiongan and you can combine it in the same day. A nice and relax way to finish your island hopping tour day. While you look at the beach, you may find yourself lost in a postcard, a usual feeling in the Philippines. Binucot is just as good as the most touristic beaches.

Sunset at Binucot Beach

Looc Marine Sanctuary

Going south the island you will find the bay of Looc. This small town has a Marine Sanctuary. It takes five minutes to cross from the main town port to the platform of the sanctuary. There is different species of marine life, including sea turtles and a big variety of fish.
Perfect escapade for the whole family. The entrance fee is ₱100 and you can rent snorkeling gear.
Photo by Gamin Traveler


Fish Sanctuary in Looc

Danao Norte Viewpoint

A beautiful yet still unknown bay. On your route south Tablas (or as a first stop going north, depending on your itinerary) there is a viewpoint completely unknown to tourists and to most of the locals. It is not an easy road, but if you love getting lost and  are not afraid of adventures, then you can give it a try. Perfect for relaxing in the silence and enjoying nature in its whole being.

This point is located 40 minutes ride from Santa Fe town. From Santa Fe you can take a boat crossing to Carabao Island, probably the perfect next destination.
Photo by Journeyera


Danao Norte Viewpoint in Tablas, Romblon

If you are lucky enough to have more holiday time and would like to investigate more about this island, you can have a look at the blog of Journey Era. It is full of good informations.


Useful facts

Things you need to know before starting your holidays around Tablas Island.

How to move around:

There is different ways to move around the island. Like we mentioned before, nothing is to far away, one hour drive and you can arrive to the most magnificent places. If you know how to drive a motorbike you can rent one for around ₱500 per day.
There is also jeepneys on the main road going north and south the island. It is a good and cheap way to transfer around. Note that they don’t run all day long.

If you can’t drive a motorbike or the jeepneys are not available, then you can transfer by tricycles. It will be more expensive but it is a great way to enjoy the view and move safely around the island.

Wifi and cellphone connection:

The wifi connection in the Philippines is not the same that the one back home. Those who have travelled the country before will understand this. In Tablas Island it can be difficult, from time to time only, to get WiFi connection, so get prepared for an electronic detox while enjoying nature!
But don’t worry, if you need internet we suggest you to get a Smart sim card (this is one of the main cellphone companies in the Philippines, the other one is Globe) since the signal is good. You will get 3 days internet with a ₱50 plan (cheap, cheap!).

What to pack:

If you owe your own set of mask and fins, don’t forget it! It will help you enjoy your experience even more. Don’t leave your camera home, you will never forgive you, but most important, bring your sense of adventure and your desire to discover new sites before the others.

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