Weather forecast Philippines

Accurate weather forecast in the Philippines

Weather forecast in Carabao Island, Romblon, Philippines

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Weather forecast in the Philippines

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Annual weather trend in the Philippines

annual weather trend in the Philippines, month by month
Monthly average temperatures and rainfall in the Philippines

So what is the best time to visit Philippines?

There are different climates in the Philippines so it would depend of where you are planning to go, but here is the global trend, that also includes Carabao.

Even though you can visit Philippines all year round, you will find a rainy season and a dry season, with some months being warmer and others being cooler but don’t worry, it’s a tropical country, so you will never be freezing.

When it comes to diving the Philippines offer good conditions throughout the year and if you plan to dive Carabao island there will always be a side protected from the wind and waves, so we are always open and happy to welcome you for your diving trip.

Dry season in the Philippines

From November to June is when you will encounter the less rain, January to April being the driest months. It can be cooler during January and February and it gets really hot in March, April and May that makes it the best time to visit Philippines if you like hot climate. If you like it a bit cooler then you will prefer December, January and February.

Wet season in the Philippines

From July to October is the rainy season in the Philippines and it can bring some heavy rain with warm temperatures. It is also a time of the year prone to typhoons in the Philippines. It doesn’t mean that it will rain all day long, every day, during 4 months. You can experience days without any rain at all and most of it will fall during the evening or at night. Life keeps on going, just be ready to be wet sometimes and carry a rain poncho along.

If you want the weather forecast to be always with you, you can download Windy on your smartphone.

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