About Us


If you want to know a bit more about us,
take five minutes to read this few lines that describe our project and way of seeing things.

Vibrations is a small diving operation, run by passionate multicultural dive instructors, far (far) away from mass tourism.

With us you will find one of the smallest and quietest dive operation you have ever seen, allowing us to give you very personalised attention through your dive journey around this undiscovered gem that is Carabao Island.

Share the underwater Vibrations with respect.

Through years of being involved in the dive industry we have learnt a lot. We have seen lot of good things, but also lot of bad practices. By creating Vibrations, we want to put together all the best that you can get from this amazing and so unique sport that is SCUBA diving. We want to encourage a safe practice, by following the highest standards of quality and by providing the best training. We want safe divers for themselves, safe divers for their buddies, and safe divers for the environment.

Respect people, respect the environment, be a safe diver and share the Vibrations.

The right place for this project.

We wanted a place away from the crowds that really connects with nature. We finally got the chance to set ourselves in Carabao Island, a small island of the Romblon province, Philippines.

You will find us at Oceans Edge Resort, a very unique place. The resort is located on a cliff, integrated in nature. Beautiful and environmentally conscious and friendly, we knew that was the right place. Oceans Edge Resort is trying to ban single use plastic and has its own organic farm on site that you are welcome to visit.

Dive resort beach on carabao, Philippines.
Oceans Edge Resort and Vibrations Dive Center

This is probably the best place for your stay while diving with us. Here you can enjoy all the comfort you can think about.

Please visit the Oceans Edge Resort site to know more.

You chose another place to stay but want to dive with us? That is not a problem, we warmly welcome everyone. The best is that you will be given free access to enjoy the resort facilities and chill by the pool after your dives.

Contact us if you want to know more about different accommodations on the island.

What do we do exactly?

We bring you diving.

As passionate dive instructors, we teach you how to dive (we offer the full range of PADI courses), we help you improve your skills, we guide you, we show you the underwater wonders of this beautiful island, we share our knowledge, we listen to you and try to comply with your needs (as long as they are diving related).

We bring you diving in a safe way.

For all courses and fun dives we limit our groups to 4 people per instructor/guide and to 2 people for Discover Scuba Diving program.

All our gear is periodically serviced and maintained by our on-site technician. We personally take care of our lovely regulators, BCDs, tanks, compressor. We change the filters on time to assure the best breathing air quality.

You didn’t have the time to service your equipment before your diving holidays? Contact us to know if we can take care of it while you relax on the beach (or by the pool, or at the bar… up to you! )

We bring you diving in a respectful manner.

To enjoy our beloved sport, we need to respect the nature that surrounds us and welcomes us everyday. As divers we are directly faced with plastic pollution, so the minimum we can do is to totally ban single use plastic.

We don’t stop here. There is one principle that is the foundation of SCUBA diving but unfortunately way too often forgotten that says:

“Kill only time, take only pictures, leave only bubbles and keep only memories.”

This is something that really matters for Vibrations and we will make sure it matters for you too.

To this we will add:

“Touch only your buddy.”

If you are not too confident with your buoyancy yet, keep a good safety distance from the reef, be patient and keep practicing. If you feel you need help or want to evolve faster, you can ask us about a Peak Performance Buoyancy training, we will be happy to help you improve 🙂

You want to meet us? You want to know more? Feel free to contact us, we will answer you as soon as we come back from the dive.

You can contact us and ask for any course in English, French and Spanish.

Hope to see you soon and show you this hidden gem that is Carabao Island!

Guillaume and Manu,

founders of Vibrations Dive Center.

In case you want to know more about us, or simply talk with us,
kindly send us an email or message us via WhatsApp.

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