PADI Advanced Open Water Siquijor

PADI Advanced Open Water
in Siquijor

The next level in your diving journey!

Do your Advanced Open Water in Siquijor,
and expand your knowledge and skills.

The PADI Advanced open water course.

PADI Advanced Open Water
in Siquijor

The next level
in your diving journey!

Do your Advanced Open Water in Siquijor,
and expand your knowledge

and skills.

PADI Advanced Open Water depth limit: 30m / 100 feet

If you wonder how to become a better diver, master a perfect neutral buoyancy and get more dive time out of your air, this course is for you. And of course, you will be able to go deeper and explore new parts of the reef.


If you are already an Open Water Diver, then become an advanced diver with our PADI Advanced Open Water course in Siquijor.

What is the PADI Advanced Open Water course?

Advanced diver enjoying in Siquijor.

Become a better diver

and open up new possibilities.

In this course, you will learn the required skills for a better control underwater. Better buoyancy, better trim, better navigation skills, and the ability to dive deeper are just a few examples of what you can learn during this program.

This course is a combination of 5 Adventure Dives, where each one is designed as an introduction to the full PADI speciality.

Finally, by getting your Advanced Open Water certification in Siquijor, you will log more dives on an amazing reef and develop new abilities surrounded by turtles and a lot of multicolor fish, while enjoying new ways of SCUBA diving.

PADI Advanced Open Water requirements

The only requirement to enroll in this course is to be certified as a PADI Open Water diver or any equivalent from any diving certification agency. If you have any doubt, please let us know.

What is the content
of the course?

PADI advanced book, dive computer and underwater camera case.

Get ready for new adventures

with PADI and Vibrations.

The PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is a 2-day program consisting of 5 different Adventure Dives.

Two (2) Adventure Dives are mandatory for the certification: Deep Dive (max. depth of 30 meters / 100 feet) and Navigation (learn how to navigate underwater). The other three (3) are for you to choose.


When doing your PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course with us in Siquijor, we strongly advise to go for the Buoyancy Control Adventure Dive.

Indeed, buoyancy is key in diving. Achieve perfect buoyancy (or as close as you can) is safer for you and for the reef, and it also helps you manage your air consumption much better for longer dives. That is for sure a choice you will never regret!

If you are not too sure about it, we can always talk about it together, or you can come and visit us directly in Siquijor.

Choose you Adventure dives between:

  • buoyancy control
  • photography
  • fish identification
  • night dive
  • drift diving
  • underwater naturalist
PADI advanced e-learning material on all devices.


If you don’t want to study during your holidays, go for the e-learning. You can get all the PADI material for your Advanced Open Water course on your device – laptop, tablet or mobile, you decide. No need for a book, choose the specialities you like and do all the theory at your pace from the place you want.

Let us know and you can start the theory today to enjoy more diving during your PADI Advanced Open water course in Siquijor.

Price and duration

padi dive course price

19,800 PHP

diving course duration

2 days

2-day course


All included:

  • PADI material
  • Theory sessions
  • 5 Adventure dives
  • All required equipment
  • Water, tea, coffee and snacks
  • Environmental fees
  • Fun, smile and good vibes
  • Worldwide recognized certification

As safety and comfort are our priorities, we only work with small groups:
4 students max per instructor.

Because environment is very important for Vibrations,
we strongly recommend the
buoyancy control Adventure dive.
This will help protect yourself and your surroundings.

Are you ready to try it out?
Contact us to book your experience.