Siquijor island, Visayas, Philippines


The mystic island of the Philippines

Informations, activities and what to do.


The mystic island of the Philippines

Informations, activities and what to do.

Visit Siquijor, a place where wonder and magic come together

Welcome to Siquijor, the 3rd smallest province in the Philippines. It may come to you as a small island, but even in its small size, you will find yourself with so many activities and things to do that the time will never be enough.

With pristine water, white sand beaches, 22 marine protected areas, conservation programs, rich marine biodiversity and good vibrations, Siquijor island is becoming a top diving destination. And that’s what we do best!

But we also love to spend our dry time enjoying stunning views, going for an adventure, relax with some good food and a drink, or chill on the beach. Siquijor offers all of that, and much more.

Here, you will find some information about what you can do while visiting the incredible Siquijor, the healing island.

If you want a more in-depth overview of the island, please visit the official website of the tourism office of the Province of Siquijor.

Siquijor island, Isla de fuego – Fire island

Discovered in 1565 by the Legazpi Expedition, the island got its nickname “Isla de Fuego” (Fire island) by the Spanish, for Siquijor was lit at night by fireflies around the branches of its molave trees.

In 1971, Siquijor became an independent province, becoming the 3rd smallest province in the Philippines, gaining independence from Negros Oriental. The capital of the province is currently located in Siquijor town. 

Since the beginning of time, Siquijor Island has been perceived as a place of mysterious vibes thanks to the healer folks, or “BRUJAS”, and their practice of spiritualism that uses herbal brews to heal the mind and body. 

And after you visit this beautiful island and meet some lovely local people with their bright smile and welcoming ways, you will fall in love and never want to leave.

Travel and activity guide for Siquijor, Philippines

Siquijor is a small island located in the Central Visayas part of the Philippines, between the islands of Cebu, Negros, Bohol and Mindanao.  With such a strategic location, entry points from many main ports of the Visayas, and offering so many different activities to enjoy, it is easy for Siquijor to become the perfect destination for your holidays around the Philippines.

Come to enjoy the untouched nature and authentic Filipino lifestyle, while spending your time in beautiful beaches, pristine sea waters, or trekking around the jungle and discovering the many enchanted spring waterfalls that are hidden all around. You could also visit the folk healers and experience the magic that make this island famous.

Activities for tourists in Siquijor.

Come to Siquijor and find peace for your soul while creating memories that will last forever.

How to get to Siquijor island?

There is no airport yet on Siquijor, but it’s easy to come by boat from Cebu, Dumaguete, Bohol and Mindanao.

If you start your adventure in Manila, then take a connection flight to any of this cities and take a ferry to reach your destination.

From Cebu to Siquijor

Cebu city to Siquijor

You have two options to reach Siquijor from Cebu city and vice versa:

Liloan to Siquijor

If you are looking for a cheaper option, you can take a bus to Liloan, south of Cebu island. It takes around 6 hours, but if you have time you can always enjoy the sight.

From Liloan, there is a direct ferry to Larena, Siquijor at 2am.

You can also cross from Liloan to Dumaguete city (departure almost every hour all day long) and connect from Dumaguete to Siquijor (last departure 7pm).

This option takes a bit more time, but it’s the cheapest way between Cebu and Siquijor.

From Tagbilaran to Siquijor


10 AM

Approx. 2h



3:20 PM

Approx. 1h40min



8 PM

Approx. 3h


From Dumaguete to Siquijor


  • 7:20 AM
  • 7:10 PM

Approx. 50 min



  • 6:50 AM – Fastcraft
  • 7:00 AM – Roro
  • 10:00 AM – Roro
  • 11:00 AM – Fastcraft
  • 2:00 PM – Roro
  • 3:30 PM – Fastacraft
  • 6:00 PM – Roro

Fastcraft – Approx. 45 min – ₱455

Roro – Approx. 1h30min – ₱234


  • 8:00 AM
  • 10:00 AM (No trip on Sunday)
  • 6:00 PM

Approx. 1h30min


Schedules and fares are subject to changes.
Last update: October 2023.
If you notice any change, please let us know so we can update.

Activities and things to do in Siquijor

Colorful reef of Siquijor, Philippines.

SCUBA diving and snorkeling

For Vibrations, the best thing to do around Siquijor island, and the best activity from far in the Philippines, is to SCUBA dive and explore the beauty of the underwater landscape.

Siquijor counts with as many as 22 marine protected areas, and focuses on protection and conservation measures to ensure the well being of the nature around the island. So it is the perfect location to enjoy SCUBA diving, snorkeling, or any kind of water activity, like a ride on a paddle board for sunset (if you are not already going on a night dive).

Turtle swimming to the surface.

You will not be disappointed, just get in the water and meet one of the many resident turtles living on our house reef. Yes, just in front of the dive shop! You can also enjoy the beautiful coral gardens and their colorful residents.

Whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner wanting to make your first step into this incredible world, Siquijor island will give you the perfect conditions so you can enjoy your experience fully.

If you are not a certified diver yet, check out our PADI Open Water Diver course and our PADI Discover Scuba Diving program.
If SCUBA Diving is not your thing,
there are also good options for snorkeling around Siquijor island.

Our house reef is perfect for all that.

Tourist spots in Siquijor

  • Visit a white sand beach – or more than one!
  • Have a dip in crystal clear water.
  • Visit the waterfalls and spring pools.
  • Enjoy a beautiful sunset on the beach with a refreshing drink.
  • Meet a healer and experience the rituals of the ancient medicine of the Philippines.
  • Take a picture flying on a broom like a Siquijor witch.
  • Enjoy shopping for beautiful handcraft and souvenirs made in Siquijor and support local artists.
  • Experience a fish spa contemplating at the 400 years old enchanted Balete tree.

If you want more ideas, come and visit us at Vibrations dive center in Maite, San Juan.
We are located in John Lhea’s Beach Cottages, you can’t miss the sign on the road.

Even if you don’t want to dive, you can just chill and enjoy a drink.